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We’re designers, engineers, futurists, and entrepreneurs who help discover and prototype new business ideas.


Pain Management App

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Lancaster Rev IV

Unmanned Aerial System


Augmented Reality for Everyone

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A New Rider Experience

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Air Traffic Control for Drones

Open Explorer

Democratizing Exploration

We Design Emerging Technologies


We believe that exponential technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, network sensors, and augmented reality will transform our usual ways of thinking, behaving, and relating to one another. Our duty as designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs is to leverage design to empower and enrich the lives of many people, not just an elite few.

We’re grateful to work with a wide range of companies, from growing startups to Fortune 500’s. Clients approach us at the beginning stages of a project or come to us looking to take an existing product or service to the next level.


Product Design

Our standard software development process. User Experience, Creative, and Development Teams work together to deploy a product that solves known needs.


Business Strategy

Define the market opportunity and positioning strategy for the entire company or department.


Experiential Design

Experiential design explores combinations of technology, motion graphics, sound, and rich content to create unique, highly engaging experiences with consumers.


Lean User Research

Uncovering and understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through select design research activities.


Service Design

The design of people, infrastructure, and communications according to the needs of customers and participants, so that the service is user friendly, competitive, and


Brand Development

Defining the brand positioning for the company or product, including identity,
aesthetic, tone and marketing actions.